Horseshoe Bay Golf Club is located off Hwy 42, north of Sturgeon Bay, and south of Egg Harbor. You can get there from Hwy G, or by taking Hwy 42. If you’re taking Hwy 42, look to turn onto Horseshoe Bay road – coming from the south you’ll turn left, coming from the north you’ll turn right.  
Stay on Horseshoe Bay Rd about 1 mile and the entrance to the Member's Clubhouse is located at the stone pillared driveway on your right, continue to follow the driveway down to the left and pull under the overhang for valet parking during dinner hours.
Golf check-in is at Murphy’s Barn which is on your left across from the Member's Clubhouse entrance. Watch for the flag and silo. Bag drop is located near the front door at Murphy's Barn.